Thursday 4 October 2012

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush - Review


Towards the end of August, Revlon released their Escapism collection designed by Gucci Westman. The collection contains many new products including three cream blushes as a part of the Photoready line. I picked up two of the shades. 

The first shade I picked up is 200 Flushed which is a bright pink. The other shade I picked up is 300 Coral Reef which as the name implies is a coral shade. 

There is a third shade available, 100 Pinched which is a very pale peachy nude shade. I skipped on this as I prefer stronger colours on my cheeks especially coming into the warmer weather. 

They look very strong and  bright in the pan but I have found them to be quite sheer compared to other cream blushes I own. I quite like this though, it makes the colour look more natural and can easily be built up. They provide that natural, radiant looking flush to the skin. 

These blushes are super easy to apply. I like to use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush or sometimes my fingers. I have found they last all day with very minimal fading. 

I like the packaging on these. They are a little round pot with a massive 12.4g of product compared to the 3.7g in a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Flushed is swatched on the left and Coral Reef on the right. I have sheered the swatch out on the sides. You can see they are build able but also can be sheered out.

I highly recommend these cream blushes. I find they are not a product readily available at a 'drugstore' price and at $26.95 each they are very affordable. I am not sure if they are limited edition, so I suggest you check them out soon in case they are. 

Have you tried these? Are you a cream blush lover? 


  1. Oooh thanks for posting about these - I saw them the other day and was very curious of the quality!

  2. I can't wait to try these I saw them the other day but wasn't sure about the quality but a few people have posted about them now so I think I'll picked one up :)

  3. I see these every time I go to target and um and er as to whether or not I should get them, they look really great! I love cream blushes and the shades are super pretty maybe the next time I head to the shops I might convince myself to purchase one!

  4. Loving the look of the coral coloured one! It looks perfect for summer! May have to check it out in the shops! :)

  5. These look gorgeous! I've got the three shades coming to me from the States. I think the Coral is my favourite :)

  6. Real Techniques stipping brush = LOVE. the shades are really pretty.. i was seriously saying that these were gonna be too much since it was so bright but i'm glad that it came out more sheer :) really pretty though.

  7. They looks so scary in the pan but they're wonderful on the skin - I've already snapped them up!


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