Friday 14 September 2012

Disappointing Products #1

My 'The First 10 Products I Would Repurchase If All My Make Up Disappeared' post inspired me to have a look through my stash and see which products I regret buying (and definitely would not repurchase). Whilst there are some products I would not repurchase, I don't actually regret buying them - they work but just aren't something I am in love with. It was actually quite easy to pick out these products. Most have actually made their way into the overflow box under my bed, because they aren't used. 

I have twelve products here, they made their way into this post for various reasons. They don't work, too expensive, horrible smell or taste. In my earlier years of makeup use, I was not as picky as I am now. I now know what I like and what I expect a product to do, that being said I am fair. I don't expect the same things from a $10.00 product as I do a $50.00 product. 

Now that I have finished rambling, onto the actual products:

Nude by Nature BB 5-1 Miracle Cream
I have previously done a review of this here. This product just does not work. It doesn't blend onto the skin, it just balls up. I regret buying this as for the $20 it cost, it is useless. It also has a bit of a funny smell - like a fake natural scent.

Nutrimetics Sheer Tint Makeup SPF15
One word - ORANGE! Seriously if I wore this, people would think I was from Jersey Shore. It is meant to be the lightest shade but I don't know anyone who is Light Orange. Another useless product.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
The hype of this product really sucked me in. I used it for a couple of weeks, I thought 'If everyone loves it, I  must be doing something wrong" as I didn't even slightly like it so I persevered, until I just gave up. It just sits on the skin, doesn't set and doesn't blend well. Previous review here.

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic
I purchased this when I was first getting into the Benefit brand. The concept is great - a selection of Benefit products, perfect to try before purchasing full size products. There is a couple of problems with this product; it is quite bulky, not all the shades match my skin tone and the actual packaging. It has just a plastic sheet over the top of the concealers which leads to dried out products and then useless products. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Cream Compact Foundation
This is the product I regret purchasing the most. I feel like I have thrown $100 out the window, never to be seen again. For me this product is a complete and utter epic FAIL. Full review is here

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder
This is the first pressed powder I ever purchased. Firstly I found it really hard to actually get any product onto the puff or a brush - it is super pressed! Secondly once I actually applied it to the face it was really cakey and unnatural looking. 

Maybelline Super Stay Concealer
A horrible concealer, goes on really cakey but fades within 2 hours. It is also really hard to blend. Not even sure how I ended up with this in my stash. 

FreezeFrame Instant Lash Mascara
I got this in my Beauty Heaven Beautorium haul back in March. It is one of those fibre mascaras that adds length to your lashes. I found this pretty useless. Firstly it added fibres very randomly making my lashes look very weird. Secondly not many fibres attached to my lashes. Finally, when the mascara flaked during wear the fibres ended up in my eyes and really irritated them. 

ModelCo Heated Eyelash Curler
Again, I bought into the hype, I got sucked into the gimmick of a heated curler. I found it useless. Too difficult to use and didn't curl my lashes anyway. 

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick
I really loved the idea of these lipsticks, a pigmented lipstick on the inside with a clear moisturizing balm circling it. The colors are really beautiful and I have no problems with the packaging. My problem with them (and it's a deal breaker) is the taste. These taste absolutely disgusting! They are just gross. I cannot stand them. 

Essence Lipstick
I can't really regret this too much as it is a cheapie lipstick - under $5.00 (possibly only $2.00). It is just another really bad tasting lipstick plus it feels nasty on the lips. Reviewed in this post. 

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
This is like applying a texta to the lips, not a nice feeling. It applies to the lips really unevenly and is really drying on the lips. Plus it just doesn't look nice on the lips. 

What products do you regret buying? Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?


  1. I found the same problem with the Essence lipsticks, I think some of the lighter colours are just no good!
    Although that's too bad about the Avon ones! I have one or two of those, and I never found anything funky about the taste (well maybe I will after you mentioned it hehe) or maybe I got lucky and got a not so bad tasting one? It's a shame as they're otherwise lovely lippies!

    The other things I haven't tried, but might steer clear of now! ;)
    Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Yeah I was really excited about the Avon ones until about 10mins after I applied :(

  2. I know you have already done the liebster post but I love your blog and just thought I'd let you know I tagged you in mine!
    Great post by the way!

  3. I feel your pain with the Chanel product! It always hurts more when the product is expensive.


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