Sunday 16 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award - Take 2!

I have previously done this blog award in January (post here) but I have recently been tagged by a couple of people. When checking out the lovely bloggers that tagged me I found that the Liebster Blog Award has changed since I did it so decided to do it again. 

I have been tagged by:

The Rules:
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
  3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. Remember, no tag backs!

11 Things About Me:
  1. I own two (well they own me) Miniature Dachshunds. They are tan and black and brothers named Archie and Otto.
  2. I am a massive Collingwood supporter (honestly I am writing this now as I am too hyped up to sleep after the game I just watched).
  3. I was born in a rural town in Queensland (it was so small the doctor had to fly in). 
  4. I love to read, especially true crime and crime novels.
  5. I am obsessed with the TV show Criminal Minds (seriously my friend and I can debate it for hours).
  6. I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce through Deakin University.
  7. I love kids movies especially Disney ones (What? they always have a happy ending!).
  8. I sleep with a night light in the hallway outside my bedroom. Pitch black darkness makes me feel claustrophobic. 
  9. My family and I currently have two pet lambs named Maxy and Lamby.
  10. I collect anything Frog (my room is like filled with Froggie things like soft toys, money banks, etc).
  11. I own a Lego Pirates of the Carribbean Black Pearl pirate ship (yes, I built it all by myself).

Kate's Questions:
  1. If you could only use products from one beauty brand forever, which would you choose? Chanel
  2. Which film have you re-watched the most? Hmm probably something classic like Gone with the Wind
  3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert, most of the time
  4. Mac or PC? I use a PC but want a Mac
  5. What's your most thumbed through book? Probably the Harry Potter Series
  6. Leggings as pants. Yay or nay? Yay for exercise or lazing around the house
  7. How many blogs do you follow/read? Over 15 I think
  8. What was the first piece of make-up you ever bought? Lip products - Lip Smackers!
  9. If you could live anywhere, where would you choose? France, French people just seem so chic
  10. What's the best meal you've ever had? Not sure but my Nan is a pretty awesome cook
  11. What was your best and worst subject at school? In VCE my best was Accounting and worst was English, my most enjoyed was History though.

Jasmine's Questions:
  1. If you were on an island and could only take three beauty products with you, what would they be? Lip balm, sunscreen and moisturiser
  2. Nude lips, yay or nay? Yay, on others. They just don't work for me.
  3. What make up product do you own way too much of? (e.g. lipsticks, foundation etc) Lip products!
  4. How often do you visit Priceline or any other beauty counter (including Kmart/Target)? On average at least once a week
  5. How did you decide to name your blog? I love lip products, especially luxury ones so that's where the name came from.
  6. What is the most expensive make up or beauty item you own? Probably some of my perfumes or foundations or blushes...
  7. Do you prefer to focus your makeup onto your eyes or lips? Lips, usually
  8. What is your favourite eyeshadow and/or lip colour? Eyeshadow - Chanel Emerveille, Lips - MAC Impassioned
  9. What makeup look or accessory makes you most nervous about pulling off? (e.g. nude lips, dark lips, false eyelashes, eyeliner, bold eyebrows etc.) I am not nervous about but cannot use false lashes or wear dark lips (I look Goth and sick). 
  10. What is your favourite nail polish shade? I like brights!
  11. What is your favourite perfume? Chanel No.5 or Marc Jacobs Daisy

ThePinkShoe's Questions:
  1. White, milk or dark chocolate? Milk
  2. Are you warm or cool skin toned? Cool toned
  3. Favourite colour to have on your nails? Brights
  4. Favourite season? Spring (except the hay fever I get)
  5. Coffee, tea or other? Hot chocolate or Pepsi Max or water.
  6. Favourite author? Patricia Cornwell
  7. Favourite fruit? Strawberries or watermelon
  8. What did you study at uni, and are you continuing in that job type? I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce and no idea if I will continue in that field. 
  9. What is something on your bucket list? Travel!
  10. One beauty product you can't live without? Lip balm
  11. How many children do you want if any? Yes to children, probably two.

Sarah's Questions:
  1. What's your favourite online store? Don't have just one, I use lots (I might do a blog post on this if anyone is interested?)
  2. High end, drugstore or both? Both
  3. How often do you change your nail polish? Usually I remove it after 3-4 days, I only paint my nails once a week (if that) lately. 
  4. What is your favourite skin care or makeup brand? Chanel
  5. How many skin care products in your routine? Around 5 but it changes
  6. How long do you spend on your makeup in the mornings? Anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes
  7. If you could only use one makeup product, what would it be? Probably lipstick
  8. What/who got you first interested in makeup? Not sure, I have always been a girly-girl so it was just a natural progression 
  9. Did someone "teach" you how to apply makeup or did you teach yourself? My Mum taught me the basics (foundation, eyeshadow and mascara) and the rest I learnt from experimentation (and I am still learning). 
  10. If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be? Uh how long do you have? I would love a snake, lizard, frog, possum, alpaca, alligator, ducks and of course cats and dogs.
  11. What beauty sin are you guilty of committing? In my early years I didn't always take my makeup off before bed (the horror!)

Tara's Questions:
  1. Do you like your natural hair colour? Yes, though I wish it had stayed lighter
  2. If you could try one make-up brand what would it be? Hmm. I really want to try Suquu brushes
  3. Nail polish or make-up? Make up!
  4. What is your birthday month? May
  5. What is your favourite thing about blogging? Sharing my love of beauty and meeting some really lovely people. 
  6. What is your favourite television show? Criminal Minds or Bones or NCIS or NCIS:LA or The Vampire Diaries...
  7. What is one word you dislike and why? No, because it is so restricting.
  8. What is your favourite make-up product? Lip products
  9. What is your favourite book? Probably the Harry Potter series
  10. What would you choose to name yourself if you could? Something no one else is named. In school (and this is a small country school - around 160 students) in my year there was another two Stephanie's and a Stephan. Yeah it could get confusing! 
  11. What is your favourite food? Hmm I love my Nan's roast beef with lots of veggies

My Questions:
  1. What is your most hated type of make up?
  2. Favourite colour?
  3. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?
  4. Where were you born?
  5. What are you scared of?
  6. What is your worst habit?
  7. If you could be anyone, who would you be?
  8. Why do you read blogs?
  9. In truth or dare, which do you pick?
  10. The best moment in your life?
  11. Favourite part of your make up to apply?

I Tag:
EVERYONE who reads this! Don't have a blog? No worries, do it in the comments. I want to know more about you! Since you now know a hell of a lot about me, we need to even the playing field. Get to it! Yes, I am being pushy. 

Archie the silly Snag

Now I must go, as I have a Snag that is getting sick of waiting for Mummy to turn the light off and come to bed...

Thanks to all the lovely bloggers that tagged me, make sure you go check out their blogs. If you have done this tag, let me know - I am nosy and love to read these types of things...


  1. Ah pet lambs!! :) Cute!

    Criminal Minds is also one of my favourite shows. I am looking forward to the new season.

    1. The Lambs are adorable and so much like children including the feet stomping!

  2. Awesome answers! I love watermelon too, probably my favourite part of summer.


Comments, criticism, questions & love all welcome.

Stephanie x

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