Tuesday 18 September 2012

Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette - Review

The Laura Mercier Spring 2012 - Lingerie collection appeared on the AdoreBeauty site a few weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with the Eye & Cheek palette. I had to have it and of course it is limited edition, so I couldn't risk missing out!

The Eye & Cheek palette contains six eye shadow shades and two blush shades. It is such a perfect palette for travelling and really compact. Seriously it is not much bigger than an iPhone. It also has a fantastic size mirror in the lid. 

The eye shadow shades in this palette are an excellent combination of satin, shimmery and matte. There is also a great combination of light and dark shades and few colours too. Each eye shadow is 1.6g and each blush is 3.3g. 

The shadows and blushes are beautifully pigmented. The shadows are also nice and soft and easy to work with. It is great that this palette has different finishes. It makes it a complete palette to create many different looks from. 

The eye shadow shades in the left column are:
  • Buff Pearl - champagne satin
  • Tawny Apricot - dusty pink satin
  • Rich Cocoa - matte dark brown 

The blush shades are: 
  • Rose Desire - cool pink
  • Fresh Peach - pinkish peach with slight shimmer

The eye shadow shades in the right column are:
  • Pale Pink - matte white-pink
  • African Violet - shimmery dark purple
  • Black Plum - matte blackened purple

I have found the blushes last all day on my skin and look beautiful. The choice of colours is just excellent especially for spring. I use the Laura Mercier Eye Basics Primer underneath the shadows and they last all day. 

Excuse my dodgy swatching below (I am hopeless at it). The left column is on the left, the blushes in the middle and the right column on the right. 

I highly recommend this palette. It is a perfect combination of shades and finishes. The size makes it perfect for taking on the go. It currently retails for AU$60.00 on AdoreBeauty and is limited edition so don't wait too long! 

What do you think? Are you a fan of palettes? 


  1. You've got me wanting this! I love that these are all neutral shades.

  2. You've just added another product to my wish list! This is amazingly beautiful, thanks so much for sharing (says me, not my bank balance haha).

    Shell xx

    1. Haha my bank feels that same way when I find something new too!

  3. How big is this palette, measurements-wise? I'm always stunned at how small things in real life are and it doesn't seem worth all that money when they're teeny!

    1. It is around 12cm x 8cm but definitely worth the money. :)

  4. that is gorgeous I splurged on a palette from Estee Lauder and couldn't afford this :) need to get a serious raise :)

    1. I joke that I need to find myself a rich man or someone who works for a beauty company :D

  5. This is really lovely :) why are there so many good releases right now, my wallet can't handle it :(

    1. My bank balance hates me with all the fab make up around lately. But I cannot resist!

  6. I agree it's wonderful. I had a 5 min makeover at the Laura Mercier counter in Myer with this palette and bought it on the spot!

    1. Glad you love it too. It would have been great to see it in action with the makeover.


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