Monday 23 July 2012

Lust Have It - July 2012

July's Lust Have It pack finally arrived in my letter box this morning. I know some people are still waiting. Lust Have It started shipping later than normal this month. There was a bit of discussion about it on both the Lust Have It FaceBook page and BeautyHeaven forums.

This month I received the 'Fun & Flirty' pack. Most notably is the orange bag - it is bright, almost fluro! I also noticed that this months box is not overly full. I apologise in advance, I realised as uploading this that my photos are shocking, I will do better next time.

July's pack contains:

Tigi Shine Junkie Lip Gloss in Java - $16.95 10.5g
Great to see a makeup item and full size at that. The shade Java is a nude brown. Not really my style (I am a bright lips kinda girl).

Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion in Orange Blossom - $29.95 350ml
The size is not listed but I think it is around a 50ml sample size. I love the Pure Fiji products I have tried before. It smells pretty nice too.

Matrix Deep Smoothing Shampoo - $29.00 500ml
This is a 50ml sample. I am actually excited to see this, I love trying new shampoos plus this is a perfect size for travelling.

Matrix Deep Smoothing Conditioner - $29.00 250ml
Strangely this sample is only 30ml. I use more conditioner than shampoo, again looking forward to trying this. 

Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub - $38.95 50ml
A pretty small 5ml sample. I will try it though I will probably only get two uses out of it. It smells nice and is good for sensitive skin.

Avene Gentle Eye Make-up Remover - $22.95 125ml
A more generous 25ml sample size. This is quite strange, it looks more like a gel than a liquid. It is designed for sensitive skin and eyes.

I am really starting to think I have sample box fatigue. To me the most exciting thing in the box is the Matrix Shampoo and Conditioner, mainly because I am going away tomorrow for a couple of nights and it will come in handy. The other items are all pretty boring and are really similar or the same as other products received in sample boxes (either from Lust Have It or other brands).

I think I will be sticking around for one more month. August is Lust Have It's one year birthday, hopefully it is an awesome box otherwise I think I will be ending my subscription.

Are you a Lust Have It subscriber? Did you receive the same box? Or different?


  1. I got completely different things in my July one, I got three Avene samples, a lip gloss, hair serum and baby foot (like milky feet).

  2. I'm excited for those things! I LOVE Matrix so this will be perfect for me, as I've always wanted to buy sample sizes for getaways ;) Hopefully I get them!
    I love the colour of the bag too!

  3. Wow.. my July box was nowhere near as good as this :| I got a few samples of Avene, a baby foot thing and a lipgloss.. so weird, I'm jealous haha x


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