Thursday 10 May 2012

I Love Birthdays!!!

My flowers!

So I turned 21 years old on Monday (7th May). As I mentioned in my last post we spent the time down in Melbourne. Above is a photo of the beautiful flowers and balloons my Mum had delivered to the apartment we were staying in before we arrived on Friday.

Saturday was spent visiting family and Sunday was my cousins baby shower. Then Monday was my birthday. Yay!

Monday was a very relaxed day. We went to the Pancake Palour for a late-ish lunch, I love that place! Then on the spur of the moment I decided, as a present to myself I would get my makeup done at the Chanel counter. I rang up and luckily they could fit me in.

The lovely Elise did my makeup and I was so happy with it. It looked gorgeous and stayed that way all night. Makeup appointments at the Chanel counter is $50 redeemable on two products purchased on the day. I purchased the lipstick and mascara used.

Awkward eyes closed photo.

We went out for tea to the Paradise Hotel at Clematis with family. It was a lovely meal and very enjoyable. It was really good to spend my birthday with family.


My Mum organised for balloons to be on the table at the hotel. This is the cutest frog balloon ever! He is also massive. Yes I did bring him home in the car too. There were also normal balloons but we sent them home with family. :)


My gorgeous and delicious chocolate mud cake, from the French bakery La Brioche (it is an amazing bakery). This was so rich only a tiny piece could be eaten. There is still a big hunk of it in the fridge (mmm, may need to go get a piece).

Ohh it's a blue bag..

Now onto the really fun stuff. The presents! I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre on Tuesday so I could spend my birthday money and the money I had saved for this very reason.

So pretty, I love it.

The first stop was to Tiffany & Co. Before even going I had already decided what I wanted to purchase with the money from my Mum and Nan. I chose a Tiffany Key, being my 21st I thought it was a good choice. It is silver and has a small diamond. For milestone birthdays I like to buy something I will keep forever.

My beauty haul.. (I had so much fun)

I went a little crazy at Chadstone. I managed to purchase almost all of this in around 2.5 hours. I had a list and knew exactly what I wanted. I visited David Jones, Myer and Mecca Cosmetica. I was highly impressed with Mecca Cosmetica, I was served by the very helpful and kind Vanessa. She had so much advice and showed me so many products. I visited the MAC counter at Myer and wasn't too impressed with the service.

I will have more on my beauty haul in another post. I haven't used any of it yet - I just want to look at it and appreciate it... :)

All up I had a fantastic few days away with my family. My birthday was made really special by my Mum and Nan. They are both amazing and I will be sure to let them know on Sunday (Mother's Day!).

What do you do for your birthdays? What are giving to your Mum for Mothers Day? (Mine is getting a Chanel foundation!)


  1. Happy belated birthday!

    What an amazing weekend you've had, and what a fantastic haul, you did so very well!

    Love to see a breakdown of everything that you got, there's so much stuff there my eyes are crossing trying to make it all out. :)


  2. I'm so jelly! Would also love to see the breakdown of your haul! :)

  3. happy belated birthday!
    your haul is so amazing omg
    and like the other 2 comments above, do a breakdown, swatches and all that good stuff please :D:D


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