Thursday 24 May 2012

Cosmetics and I

Some of my favourite and most luxurious cosmetics

This is something that has been on my mind for a little while now. My family and friends have been questioning me over the beauty related purchases I make. They question the cost and the need; the need for so many products and why I feel I need to wear makeup.

For me beauty and all things that it entails is a passion. It is one of my strongest and longest lasting interests. I remember being around 11 years old and begging my mum to let me have a mascara. I had to wait until I was 13, I assure you though I made sure I got that mascara on my birthday. Makeup is not something that has a big presence in my family. My Nanna rarely wears makeup and my Mum is very similar.

To me makeup is something quite amazing. It can completely transform the way you look and feel. Being someone who has suffered from depression and when I am having a bad day and cannot find the motivation or will to get out of bed. I find brushing some blush and slicking on a bright lipstick, that my mood is instantly lifted. The sun seems to shine and the day does not seem so bad.

Wearing my favourite Tom Ford lipstick in Flamingo

I personally don’t feel I need to wear makeup. I am not the most confident person but I am happy with myself. I don’t feel that I need to hide myself. It is a personal choice for me to wear makeup. Just the same as it is a personal choice for those who don’t wear it. Wearing makeup does boost my confidence but not because I have none to begin with. It makes me feel empowered and feminine. I love the feeling I get when I wear a bright pink lipstick out in public. I like to look nice but it’s not for others, it is for me. Knowing I look nice is a mood booster for me. It brings a smile to my pink lips. :)

As for why I have so much makeup? I rarely drink, party or spend money on a social life. That is my standard response to people and it is true. I don’t spend $100’s a weekend on my social life, so why can’t I treat myself over ways? For me there is nothing more luxurious and rewarding then opening that new luxurious lipstick and applying it for the first time. I pay my bills and don’t spend money on other things that aren’t essentials. I treat myself with beauty items the way others do with shoes and clothes.

I don't feel any guilt over my cosmetics and I don't think anyone should. As I say everyone needs a little luxury in their life. Whether your luxury is a $50 lipstick or a $15 lipstick, you deserve it.


  1. I love this article! A lot of what you said makes so much sense to me. (Though I don't buy high-end products yet I definitely plan to when I'm finished uni and have the money to do so!)

    Most of my friends don't understand why I feel the need to wear make-up to work or for a day out. I feel similar to you - I just enjoy it. I am quite happy to go out with no make-up on but I prefer to wear it. There's just something I love about sitting in front of my mirror and spending some 'me time' applying my make-up. Also as a fellow sufferer of depression I completely know what you mean about the day just looking better.. I am big on routines and makeup is just part of my morning routine and it makes me happier if I'm having a crappy day. =)

    Also, I love what you said at the end about not feeling guilty about your cosmetics. I often do feel guilty - so thanks for making me realise that I do deserve it =)

  2. Since I started getting into makeup, my family's been asking me the same thing and ragging on me when I come home with a new mascara or lipstick or whatever else. It's gotten so annoying. -.-

    It's not like I go out to parties and get drunk or do drugs like my sister.

  3. This is such a lovely post. You really shouldn't have to justify to anyone something that makes you truly happy. I'm very fortunate that the people around me understand what buying make up is for me. They will occasionally make jokes like 'oh you have enough nail polish to last you a lifetime!' But it's all in good fun. But they see it makes me happy and like you, I don't spend a lot of money elsewhere and pay the things I need to, so why shouldn't you treat yourself?! Be proud! :) xx

  4. Reading this post, I realised that we have a whole lot in common :) I also got my first mascara at 14 for my birthday, it was a cover girl one. I remember being so excited haha. You work hard for your money so I don't see a problem with treating yourself. You're worth it :) Great post, I felt that I got to know you better.


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