Tuesday 24 April 2012

Too Faced Matte Eye Palette - Review

I have really been into matte eye shadows lately, I love how understated and elegant they look. So when I found out that Too Faced had released a palette of only matte colours I had to have it.

I purchased this palette from BeautyBay a few weeks ago for around AU$34.00 with free shipping. It took around two weeks to arrive. Too Faced products are also availble from Kit Cosmetics, Mecca Cosmetica and ASOS, though the prices are higher.  

The palette includes 3 cards with instructions on using the shades or you can just do your own thing. I normally do but if you are a beginner the cards would be helpful.

Each line of shadows is labeled with either day, classic or fashion. Indicating that with those shades it is the type of look you can create. I love how this palette contains a good range of shades. From white to black with many in between.

I have found these shadows to be nicely pigmented and easy to apply. I find an eye primer is not needed, though as always it will help your eye look to last. I have found though that they last the day and there is no creasing - but then I don't usually get creasing.

The shadows are very smooth and almost buttery like. The white shade (Velveteen Bunny) and the pink shade (Fresh Linen) are slightly chalky but I think that is more to do with the actual color than the quality of the shadows.

Taken with flash

The swatches above are in the same order as the palette and swatched on bare skin. I love the top three shades to create a neutral look for day or night.

Overall I am really impressed with this palette and glad I purchased it. I love matte shadows and it is great to have a whole palette of them. I am now considering buying more of the Too Faced eye shadow palettes, possibly Natural Eye.

Do you like matte eye shadows? Any Too Faced eye shadow palette suggestions?


  1. I really love the Two Faced palettes, and this was no exception! I was so happy I got this one, the matte colours are just perfect! :) Nice review!!


  2. I prefer a slight shimmer to my eyeshadow - matte just seems too everyday for me, haha!

  3. I've been eyeing this off. It's very pretty. I'm starting to appreciate matte shadows more and more.

    xoxo lusted

  4. I love the plummy/purple shade. The idea of all matte shadows in a palette definitely appeals to me!

  5. A palette of entirely matte shades seems really unique. I've tried the colours at Myer and was really impressed by the pigmentation and texture. It's great that Too Faced eyeshadow palettes can be bought for almost half the retail price off Beautybay :)

    1. When I purchased it I didn't even realise it was avilable in Aust but super glad I got it cheaper than the prices here. :)

  6. I love this palette, something I feel like I would use.
    New follower from Italy :) xx

    1. Hi, Thanks for following all the way from Italy xx


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Stephanie x

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