Monday 16 April 2012

My Nails are Wearing... Revlon

Just a quick post to show you this really pretty Revlon nail polish. It is from the Autumn collection and is shade 230 Popular. It is such a pretty colour, it makes me think of fairies or something pretty and girly like that.

It is a pale pink base with large and small silver glitters. It went on surprisingly well, though 3 coats were needed to get full colour. It has worn really well too, 2 days in and no chips. I also like how it is smooth, other glitter polishes feel gritty but this doesn't.

What are your nails wearing?


  1. I want! I was eyeing this colour as well as the new silver sparkly eyeshadow. Too bad Priceline only had lips and nails and not eyes BOGO. :(

  2. That looks gorgeous!
    Also, I tagged you on Blog of Beauty Tag :)
    Head to my blog to check it out!!! xxx


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