Friday 6 April 2012

I Lost my MAC Virginity!

I am a little embarrassed to admit that this is my first ever MAC purchase! I had many reasons to not had purchased MAC before but I think I am overcoming them.

I used to think MAC was expensive but have since realised that it is actually decently priced. The main reasons though is that there is no MAC counter anywhere near me! It is a minimum of 3 hours to the closest counter and then that is in the city (Melbourne) and I hate trying to get around the city. The other reason is that there is such a wide range I don't where to begin with what to buy.

I decided that I had waited long enough to make my first MAC purchase so I headed to the MAC website. I instantly decided that my first purchase would be the Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick. As I am a pink lipstick lover it was a no brainer.

All profits from the MAC Viva Glam range go towards helping people affected by HIV/AIDS. A great looking lipstick and helping people at the same time? I was sold, the lipstick was in my cart and the credit card was out!

Viva Glam Nicki is a bright yellow pink. I was a little unsure how it would look as I normally go for blue based pinks but I am really happy with it. This lipstick has a Satin finish which is semi-matte. I have found this lipstick feels a little dry on my lips but then I have really dry lips to begin with. I have found this lipstick lasts a good 2-3 hours on my lips before wearing off. I do feel like this lipstick is a little heavy on the lips though.

Excuse the dodgy lip photo

This lipstick is definitely brighter than shown in the photo. However it is not too bright, it is still a very wearable lipstick.

I really like the packaging on the MAC lipsticks, it looks like a bullet and the pop of red with the black is kind of sexy. :)

This lipstick cost $36.00 and is limited edition. I believe it is available from all counters/stores and online.

I am really pleased with my first MAC purchase and am now excited to buy more products. Luckily I will be in Melbourne the first weekend of May for my cousins baby shower and my 21st birthday. I have decided I will spend a day at Chadstone shopping. I will definitely be visiting the MAC counter, along with many others.

Have you purchased this lipstick? Any MAC products you suggest I try? Anything I should check out at Chadstone?


  1. Congrats on your first Mac purchase!

    I highly recommend the Mineralise Skin Finish Natural and Mac blushes. Particularly Mac Fleur Power. It's beautiful!

  2. I'm still a MAC virgin... I'm also a virgin for all of the higher end brands that don't appear in Priceline. <.<

    It's just so EXPENSIVE and I always check the American websites to see by how much I'm getting ripped off and can't justify spending such a huge amount on a product when I know it's at least $20 cheaper out of Australia. :(

  3. I have never actually tried MAC but this colour looks fantastic! Well done

  4. I've never tried MAC either but I've been so tempted by that particular lipstick! It looks amazing! I only live 20 minutes for Melbourne myself and I go there all the time - but usually I AVOID the MAC counter to save my money haha! Thanks for the rec :)


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Stephanie x

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