Friday 17 February 2012

BellaBox - February 2012

My BellaBox finally arrived today, quite a bit later than my other subscription boxes. This month the box arrived in a bag instead of an outer box. I don't know if this is new way they are sending them or they just ran out of the outer boxes.

For Valentine's Day this months box had a theme of "A Little Bit of Love" from BellaBox.

The items in this moths box are:
  • Sasy n Savy - Citrus Souffle Body Creme 10ml - RRP$15.00 50mls
  • B by Bloom - Collecta Eyeshadow in Hudson River (full size) - RRP$9.95
  • Mememe - Seventh Heaven Facebase 10ml - RRP$34.95 30ml
  • Sparoma - Shimmer Wrap with Jasmine (no size given) - RRP$44.95 150ml
  • Star & Rose - Confetti Soap Rose (one rose) - RRP$25.95 box of 12
  • The Chocolate Box - 2 Chocolate Hearts - No price given.
Overall I am happy with this months box. I am excited to try the Mememe Facebase and it smells really nice. The B by Bloom eyeshadow is a deep brown colour and seems to be highly pigmented. The Sasy n Savy body creme is a very small sample - it will only be one use. The Sparoma body shimmer isn't that exciting but using that type of product on your legs can be nice. The soap rose is cute, almost too cute to use. Chocolates are always yummy. :)
BellaBox has again delivered another good. They are very consistent each month with the quality of the box. The only bad thing this month was the length of time it took to get the box. However BellaBox were very good at keeping everyone up to date, as to when to expect the box.


  1. Looks like we got the exact same box Steph! Must say I am quite happy with Bellabox in general. Do you think you'll stat subscribed?

    1. BellaBox are a great quality and value box. At this stage I will be staying subscribed, there hasn't really been a box from them that I haven't liked.

  2. We got exactly the same box, with the difference that I got "London Bridge" as my B by Bloom eyeshadow

    Check out the colour (and my review) here:


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