Monday 23 January 2012

Oops I went Shopping...

I made a couple of sneaky eBay purchases last week and they arrived today. I am very happy with my purchases so I thought I would share.

I purchased a Chanel Rogue Allure Velvet lipstick in 36 La Caline. This is a rosy pink with plum undertones. A very pretty muted colour. It is actually a little darker than I would normally go for but I'll give it a go and if I don't like it, my Mum will gladly have it. These retail for $50.00 and I paid $11.50 I already own one and this is definitely genuine.

Now onto the item I just had to have! A Tom Ford eyeshadow quad. This is in the shade 08 Sahara Haze and it is just so beautiful. There is four shades ranging from a shimmery gold to a glittery black. From my light swatching I can already tell these are highly pigmented and buttery soft. A full review will be coming soon once I have had a good play around with it.

This product retails for $100.00 and I paid $48.20 - BARGAIN! I already think this is going to be a favourite.

I purchase items from eBay occasionally. It can be risky because there is so many counterfeit products out there. I have a couple of sellers I trust and buy from. I have purchased a fake item on eBay before but got my money back. My advice is the price is too good, pictures don't show the product properly and if it just doesn't seem right - don't buy. Always pay with Pay Pal when purchasing on eBay.

Do you purchase from eBay? Any bargains you've gotten? Any sellers you recommend?


  1. Nice! I can never find good bargains on eBay! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough :) x

  2. I've always wanted to purchase Chanel but have been afraid of getting fake goods sent to me! Who was your ebay seller?

    Also, I nominated you for a Lieber award. :)


  3. I love shopping on ebay! I love the look of the Tom Ford eyeshadow quad. Would love to see your FOTD/EOTD using this quad


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Stephanie x

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