Friday 20 January 2012

Oops I went Shopping...

I have been buying beauty products from StrawberryNET for about a year now and never had a problem until my order last week which happened to be my 18th order. I ordered three items and they came in the mail within a week.

However when I opened the parcel I knew instantly that one item was not right. I ordered a Benefit Georgia boxed powder. One that I have been wanting for ages but it is discontinued. So I jumped on it when I saw it on StrawberryNET. I had ordered a Benefit box from them before and it was perfect. Sadly this time the box powder was fake. It was badly constructed, had spelling errors and was just not right.

I emailed StrawberryNET straight away and they replied quickly asking for me to send photos. I sent photos and they replied agreeing it was faulty (but not admitting it was fake). I was offered a replacement or refund. I choose refund and am now waiting for it to arrive in my bank account. As disappointed and angry as I was to receive the product, StrawberryNET's customer service was excellent and quick.

Now onto the other two items in my order:

Some Chanel and Dior!

Dior nail polish in 704 Nirvana. A teal blue that I think will look very nice on my toenails. This is the first Dior nail polish I have purchased, so I hope it's good. Actually maybe it should be bad to stop me from buying any more..

This Chanel eye shadow quad was only $41.00 so I could not resist. This is my first Chanel powder eye shadow  It has four nice complementary neutral shades. I haven't used it yet, it's too pretty! I don't want to ruin it but I know I won't last long before I dig my brush into it!

I have definitely been put off from ordering from StrawberryNET in the future because of the non-genuine product, however their quick and efficient has eased some of my concerns. I think I will order from them again but will be more cautious with which brands and products I order.

Have you ordered from StrawberryNET before? Have you ever had any problems?

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