Sunday 22 January 2012

My Nails are Wearing... Bloom & Essie

I know I only made a 'My Nails are Wearing' post the other day but I had already had that polish on for about 4 days and I decided I needed a change.

I applied two thin coats of Bloom nail polish in The Cassette Society II, this is a charcoal creme colour. I then applied one coat of Essie LuxeEffect nail polish in Shine of the Times. This a pretty flaky glitter. For a top coat I used Essie's 3 Way Glaze. I just have a mini size bottle of this from a set, I actually quite like it and it definitely prolongs the wear of my polish. I think it will run out soon and can't seem to find a full size bottle, so I will need a new top coat.

I love how these nails look. In different light the glitter can look so different. In some lights it is gold, in some green or red or purple. It is really beautiful to look at.

What's on your nails at the moment? Have you used any of these polishes before? Any recommendations for a new top coat?

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