Friday 13 January 2012

ILoveThisBox - January 2012

My January ILoveThisBox arrived today and I am very happy. I like this box even more than the last. It has a great Australia Day theme and there is 5, yes FIVE full size products. How awesome is that? Very generous I must say.

The box has yellow tissue paper, green stuffing stuff and a cute love heart Australia flag sticker holding it all in. As always the box is pretty and reusable. I received my tracking number email yesterday and it arrived today - excellent!

The products I recieved are;
  • ILoveThisBox - Angular Eye Shadow Brush RRP$19.95
  • Linden Leaves - Ginseng and Orange Blossom Shower Creme RRP$11.95
  • Olive by Langlois - Strawberry Lip Balm RRP$7.95
  • Revlon - Nail Polish 007 Sheer Blossom RRP$13.95
  • Revlon - Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner 01 Black Truffle RRP$23.95

Overall I am very happy with this box, I will use all the products included. I know it is a second box with a lip balm but I always need more - I have horribly dry lips! I am definitely looking forward to next months box now.

Details: ILoveThisBox is a monthly subscription sample service that is $14.95 a month.


  1. I love the colour of the nail polish. I was really happy with mine too.

    I had different colours and fragrances from you. Here is what I got

  2. I am definitely going to subscribe to ILTB this week as after reading blogs and reviews like yours it seems a great reliable service I get BellaBox as well but I seem to be able to pick up a lot of same size samples jsut by liking companies pages such as Kosmea on FB thanks for showing me what you got :)


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